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2010 Mayoral Donations and Votes
Map of which candidate won Toronto wards by number of votes, or dollars raised in donations.

Toronto Casino Survey
Results from the public consultation on the development of a casino in Toronto. Average responses mapped at the FSA level.

Quantum GIS 1.8 - New Features!
The latest version from QGIS has enhanced raster analysis features, actions and the GIS Browser. My fave 4 new features reviewed.

Toronto Traffic Count Selection
Toronto's opendata site has their 8 and 24 hour vehicle and pedestrian counts posted. You can use this page to select the counts by geography. Say if you want all of the counts around an intersection or within 200 meters of an address.

Trends in Toronto Bike Collisions
In my last post I showed a heat map animation of bike trends over 20 years. When the Globe and Mail published the data they stated that the number of accidents have remained steady over the last 25 years. Analysis of the data shows some local trends. I've pulled a list of about 10 areas where the local trend has changed the most.